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Step Sisters episode 15 with The Skaro Hunting Society

Aug 25, 2021 - 1:28 PM -
Shir's Avatar

In this episode, Gozo is still reeling from the shock of both Chizuko and Shinobu running away from home. Shinobu’s attempts to find a new job are blocked by Teshima, who sends Daimaru Corporation thugs to scare off potential employers. And of course as usual the episode ends on a crazy-ass cliffhanger that raises the stakes of the story yet again.

Soft-boiled to watch on your computer from: Nyaa Mega

Or hard-boiled for your SmartTV, Roku, Apple TV, etc.: Nyaa Mega

With the release of this episode, we’ve finally reached the halfway point of this 28 episode series. More to come…
And as always, this is a joint production with our friends at The Skaro Hunting Society.
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Flashman 14

Jul 14, 2021 - 9:40 PM -
FortMax's Avatar
Episode 13's release was no fluke.

This episode has not one, but TWO shots where a spinning monster part is represented by what is essentially using Powerpoint's pivot animation on a jpeg.

Is is terrible and I love it.

mkv script mp4

Series Download Page

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Flashman 13

Jun 20, 2021 - 3:37 PM -
FortMax's Avatar
Been a while, hasn't it? We're starting up Sentai subs again, though it's just going to be Flashman for now.

I've missed Flashman's terrible video compositing.

mkv script mp4

Series Download Page

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Step Sisters episode 13 with The Skaro Hunting Society

Apr 08, 2021 - 1:04 PM -
Shir's Avatar

As we rejoin the Daimaru family, the characters are still dealing with the fallout of Chizuko trashing her own engagement party in the previous episode. Gozo reveals that he had been planning to announce Masato as the heir to the Daimaru Corporation at the party, and the businessmen and politicians he invited to witness the event were not impressed by Chizuko’s behavior. In order to satisfy these offended power players who are key to the future expansion plans of the Daimaru Corporation, Gozo decides that it is necessary to publicly reject and disown his now delinquent daughter

As Masato and Shinobu desperately search for the runaway Chizuko, Pastor Wakayama tries to convince Gozo to accept her back into the Daimaru family. Unfortunately Gozo’s right-hand man Teshima has other ideas…

Creamy softsub goodness from Nyaa or Mega

…or crunchy hardsubs for the player of your choice, via Nyaa or Mega.

We’ve almost reached the halfway point of the series, and like so many of the J-Drama series produced by Daiei TV in the 1980s, the bonkers level seems to increase with every episode. Stay tuned, more episodes are in the works!

And as always, this is a joint production with our friends at The Skaro Hunting Society.
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Step Sisters episode 12 with The Skaro Hunting Society

Jan 17, 2021 - 6:01 AM -
Shir's Avatar
I’m sure regular viewers of this show have noticed how fast the plot has started moving in the last few episodes. Well, this episode is no exception…

Get the softsub from Nyaa or Mega

Or the hardsub from Nyaa or Mega.

And be sure check out our partner group, The Skaro Hunting Society. Without their help, this project would probably never have gotten off the ground, much less be nearing the halfway mark.

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