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Step Sisters episode 12 with The Skaro Hunting Society

Jan 17, 2021 - 6:01 AM - by Shir
Shir's Avatar
Im sure regular viewers of this show have noticed how fast the plot has started moving in the last few episodes. Well, this episode is no exception

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Or the hardsub from Nyaa or Mega.

And be sure check out our partner group, The Skaro Hunting Society. Without their help, this project would probably never have gotten off the ground, much less be nearing the halfway mark.

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Step Sisters episode 11 with The Skaro Hunting Society

Dec 12, 2020 - 3:35 AM - by FortMax
FortMax's Avatar
In order to get Shinobu to return home to the Daimaru mansion, Pastor Wakayama convinces Gozo that its finally tell her the full truth about the kidnapping, and about her mothers attempted suicide. Plans to come clean with Chizuko wont be necessary, since she is eavesdropping at a window when Gozo reveals all of the details

Get the hardsubbed version from Nyaa or Mega

or the softsubbed version from Nyaa or Mega.
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Step Sisters episode 10 with The Skaro Hunting Society

Oct 09, 2020 - 3:51 PM - by Shir
Shir's Avatar
Chizuko is unable to get a straight answer out of her fathers personal assistant Teshima about the circumstances of her kidnapping 18 years ago, and Michio still only speaks in riddles about the subject. Chizuko does some research of her own into the kidnapping; as the truth becomes more undeniable, Chizuko becomes even more desperate to force Shinobu out of the Daimaru household. Her latest and most devious plan yet appears to be a success at first, but it ends up triggering a series of events that cant be undone

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or the softsubbed version from Nyaa or Mega.
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Step Sisters episode 9 with The Skaro Hunting Society

Oct 09, 2020 - 3:45 PM - by Shir
Shir's Avatar

Chizuko’s latest plan to get Shinobu out of the Daimaru house involves framing her for the theft of Chizuko’s jewelry box. But the plan backfires spectacularly, and Chizuko ends up losing something far more valuable to her than jewelry…

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…or the softsubbed version from Nyaa or Mega.

When Shinobu is searching for the missing item, she runs across a group of delinquents smoking cigarettes and huffing (model glue?) out of plastic bags. Perhaps the brain damage caused by huffing has caused them to not realize that holding lit cigarettes near plastic bags of volatile chemicals might not be a smart move?

Old school video game fans will enjoy the scene where Shinobu is searching through an 1980s arcade. At 27:23 you can hear the sounds of Moon Cresta, a unique three-stage rocket shooter from Nichibutsu. Shinobu is also briefly standing in front of a sit-down Thunder Storm, the anime LaserDisc shooter that was known as Cobra Command in North America.
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Step Sisters episode 8 with The Skaro Hunting Society

Jul 19, 2020 - 4:48 PM - by FortMax
FortMax's Avatar

Shinobu and Taeko have returned to the Daimaru mansion, but have been moved to a spartan room in the attic like the other housemaids. Now they must work much harder to earn their keep, and Chizuko takes this opportunity to work them even harder still, leading Shinobu to become ill. Michio and his gang try to intercept Gozo on his way to the airport, to deliver a letter of challenge written in Michio's own blood. Masato studies a book on the psychology of bullies, to try and find a solution to Chizuko's behavior.

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This is a joint project with our friends at The Skaro Hunting Society.
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